Monday, September 13, 2010

Thunderball Picks 5 White Balls All in the Twenties

On Saturday, September 11 2010, the UK Thunderball Lottery drew the 5 white ball sequence

23 24 26 28 29

The interesting fact about these results is that all the numbers were within the same "decade" grouping of 20's. This is indeed a rare occurrence in all lotteries since there are very few combinations because there are only 10 balls numbered between 20 and 29. Using strict combinatorials, we find that there are only 252 possible combinations out of the total 575,757 possible in the Thunderball 1-39 number range. In decimal, this equals 0.000438 of the total combinatorial population.

Because sequences of this nature are rarely selected in any lottery, most serious players shy away of this type of strategy.

Yet surprisingly so, there are 10 winners listed as matching this 5 white ball sequence on the official Thunderball results site.  Go figure!

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Note: Based on the results of our Poll , we decided to recommend all Power & Mega balls in every drawing after Octorber 22, 2007. This change will make these lotteries consistent with the International and other "mega" ball based lotteries.
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