Monday, September 27, 2010

Everybody Wants Your Money - Don't Give It to Them!

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I've been amazed by the number of articles written in the newspapers and online about people falling victim to lottery scammers. Typically, they are elderly folks who believe that they are either helping someone out or that they are actually winners of some remote foreign lottery or sweepstakes.

There are many variations of the same scheme: A victim is targeted and told that they have either won a lottery or that they can share in a lottery prize. First, however, they must give the criminals money to show their good faith. Once the money has been given, the victim never sees the thieves again.

However, the lottery is only one of the bait tools. More recently, crooks are dangling hopes of employment, credit repair, and other such decoys.

Further, these ruthless crooks try various means of contacting the victims. They'll use the phone, e-mail, postal mail, or personal contact.

What's truly amazing is the number of folks who fall for such nonsense. And, it seems, that once you're on their list, you're always being targeted.

While we're in the business of trying to help folks win, our services are 100% free. Our motto is:

Never, Never, Never
Give Anyone Your Money!

While the global economy remains in the tank, people often revert to desperate hopes for receiving income.

But remember, the money you have is yours. You worked hard for it. Keep it for yourself. And never fall for such scams!
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