Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Important Changes to Our Hot Cold Pages

[326/365]  Lottery MoneyImage by Lisa Brewster via Flickr
While we were adding the two Texas Lottery games to our Hot Cold Lottery Number Analysis pages, we made 3 significant modifications to all the pages.
  1. First, we added a pull-down menu on the left side of the page. This allows players to more easily find and review the same analytics for all  12 lotto games we support.
  2. Second, we expanded our previous hot cold number results from 6 to 26 drawings.
  3. Third, we completed the lottery number combination calculation to accurately display the number of possible combos when playing: hot numbers only; cold numbers only; both hot and cold numbers; neutral numbers; and both neutral and hot numbers.
Next on our agenda is to implement these changes on our Even Odd Lottery Number pages, and then complete the programming enabling you to get our Lottery Power Picks for both Lotto Texas and Texas Two Step.

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Note: Based on the results of our Poll , we decided to recommend all Power & Mega balls in every drawing after Octorber 22, 2007. This change will make these lotteries consistent with the International and other "mega" ball based lotteries.
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