Monday, February 07, 2011

Texas Lotto's Sure Prime Pickings

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As the Texas Lotto jackpot grows, we discover that the game is prime pickens for its own crazy combos. This was evident in last Wednesday's drawing when 5 of the 6 numbers picked were all prime numbers. The combination for February 2, 2011 was:

11 19 31 37 42 43

With a game format of requiring players to correctly match 6 of 54 numbers, we know that there are both 27 odd and even numbers. Of the odd number subset, we can identify 16 that are also prime numbers (including the number one).  These are numbers that can only be evenly divided by itself and the number one.

Had players limited their playing combinations to only prime numbers, they would have matched the five red numbers shown above and won nearly $1,600 dollars. This drawing illustrates that the: Texas Lotto's Sure Prime Pickings.
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Note: Based on the results of our Poll , we decided to recommend all Power & Mega balls in every drawing after Octorber 22, 2007. This change will make these lotteries consistent with the International and other "mega" ball based lotteries.
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