Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tuesday Mega Millions Results 09/07/10 - Jackpot $34M

Computer virus scare!!Image by appoulsen via Flickr
The winning Mega Millions numbers for Tuesday Sep 07, 2010 were:

08 18 22 24 38 Megaball 23 - Megaplier 4

In this drawing, Lottery Power Picks recommended 0 combinations.

Several members reported that they selected numerous combinations, but all returned a single, unplayable set of white balls:

5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5

Why did this happen?  Because the computer that we utilize became infected with some type of virus last Friday night. When that happened, our anti-virus software kicked-in and our firewall blocked most outside access. We were not aware of this situation on Saturday morning when we tried to update our drawing results and create a new set of playing numbers. However, we realized the severity of the situation on Saturday night, and utilized an outside mobile source to post Saturday drawing results. Fortunately, only our Mega Millions drawing numbers were affected by this outage. All other games were spared.

Complete access to all outside websites was finally restored last night and all is well once again.

Thank-you to all who took the time to send us a note informing us of the problem. We are sorry for the inconvienence and appreciate your loyality!

In summary, there were no MM jackpot winners, so the jackpot grows to $34 million with a cash option of $23.3M and a yield of 3.31%
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Note: Based on the results of our Poll , we decided to recommend all Power & Mega balls in every drawing after Octorber 22, 2007. This change will make these lotteries consistent with the International and other "mega" ball based lotteries.
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